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Who we are

The Association of Dental Clinics BQDC -Best Quality Dental Centers- is a non-profit organization, created in 2012 with a common goal, to offer the highest quality of treatment and care service to patients. With a very solid base of shared knowledge and development of the dental profession.

The essence of BQDC is based on the conviction that sharing information, clinical protocols and knowledge will make us better professionals.


The professionals who form part of the association share the same philosophy, ethical quality as a central axis, the desire to improve and to share knowledge.

Nuestros objetivos se enmarcan en 4 áreas

  • Our objectives are framed in 4 areas

  • To improve the quality of treatment and service of the dental clinics that make up BQDC.
  • Improve the quality of communication to patients.
  • To collaborate in the advancement of dentistry.
  • Promote the prevention of dental problems in the population.
  • What unites us

  • Striving for continuous improvement.
  • Commitment to our Code of Ethics, which includes all the principles and guidelines to be followed by associated professionals.
  • Internal self-demanding standards. All BQDC partners must demonstrate compliance with high standards in the areas of care, science, communication, organisation and facilities.
  • From the scientific point of view, we work on two main fronts, continuous training and the incorporation of new technologies.
  • Our activity also covers the teaching area, participating in congresses and conferences and offering training in small courses and in an annual symposium.
  • As health professionals, we feel an obligation to spread the message of the importance of prevention to the population. We carry out informative campaigns to help everyone to enjoy a healthy mouth.
  • What are the advantages of being part of the BQDC?

  • 1. Regular face-to-face meetings
  • 2. Workshops and continuous training days
  • 3. Communication actions and relations with the media
  • 4. Collaboration agreements with suppliers, technological and financial partners
  • 5. Investment in media advertising and online and offline marketing
  • 6. Advice and support for business management
  • 7. Central purchasing
  • 8. Common forum to share information of interest among associates
  • 9. Grupos de estudio y publicación de protocolos clínicos
  • 10. Formar parte de un grupo de clínicas que comparten el compromiso con la calidad asistencial y la investigación

We believe that the only way to be the best is to know more about our profession, and that is not achieved through individuality, it is achieved through teamwork.

What we are NOT at BQDC

We are not just dental clinics

The focus of BQDC clinics is on improving the quality of life of the people who have placed their trust in us.

We are professionals with concerns in the field of science who dedicate time and effort to research and teaching.

We are looking for ways to contribute to the evolution of the profession.

We are not a chain

In the dental sector there are multiple chains operating under common conditions and guidelines. BQDC is not a chain run like a large corporation.

Our partnership maintains the individual characteristics of each clinic as a differentiating element.

Why we are different

Our clinics

Spaces where the service experience is different.

High quality facilities and design, spaces that offer maximum comfort and uniqueness to patients and professionals.

Equipped with high technology, advanced equipment, with the latest innovations in treatment, prevention and dental aesthetics.

Our interest in people

We care about our patients. We seek the best for them, caring about their health and comfort.

Our relationship is based on respect, transparency, reliability, friendliness, excellent treatment and a commitment to extending knowledge in prevention and dental health.

Our interest in the profession

We share our vocation, interest and concern for study and innovation and an ethical ideal of professional practice.

We collaborate in the improvement of the world level of dentistry, we help in the education, prevention and resolution of dental problems of our group.

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