Best Quality Dental Centers

Group of dental clinics in Spain and Portugal
  • Objectives of the group

  • Improve healthcare quality at our dental clinics.
  • Refine the quality of communication with patients.
  • Work together to improve the level of knowledge of dentists.
  • Foment the prevention of dental problems among the general public.
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We share an ethical code, clinical protocols and quality standards which help us to meet the needs of our patients both more reliably and more efficiently.
From a scientific perspective, we are working on two main fronts: ongoing training and the incorporation of new technologies.

We are also involved on the teaching side, participating in congresses and conferences and offering training in the form of short courses and an annual Symposium.
Lastly, as healthcare professionals, we feel obliged to get the message of ‘the importance of prevention’ across to the public. We undertake information campaigns in schools and the media to help contribute towards everyone having a healthy mouth.

Best Quality Dental Centers is a network of dental clinics in Spain and Portugal (also present in Europe) with an extensive history as individual clinics.

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