How do you cure periodontal diseases?

How to cure periodontal diseases

Periodontal diseases are cured by eliminating their causes. In other words, cleaning the roots of accumulated, calcified bacterial deposits.

When these deposits have hardened, special tools are required to remove them. If the depth of gum detachment is less than 5 millimetres, the roots can be accessed and cleaned without needing to move or detach the gum.

From 6 millimetres below the gum, we need to use microsurgery which allows us to detach the gum, eliminate the swollen tissue which is occupying the place where bone was previously, clean the root to its base and, where possible, stimulate bone regeneration.

As noted before, the best treatment is prevention. The sooner the specialist detects the presence of periodontal disease, the easier it will be to treat it which, in turn, means the response to the treatment will be that much faster and more effective.

There are times when the afflicted person comes to the dental clinic with the disease in an advanced state and treatment is virtually impossible. Then the only solution is to remove the teeth affected. Therefore, once again, we must reiterate the importance of prevention and regular check-ups to prevent the onset of this type of situation.

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