Are Periodontitis or Gingivitis contagious?

 They get the periodontitis and gingivitis

Periodontal disease (periodontitis and gingivitis) can be passed on from parents to children or even to their partners. However, for this to occur, the recipient needs to be sensitive to said bacteria.

Studies suggest that the bacteria which cause periodontal disease can be transmitted through saliva in people who are genetically susceptible. This means that when a family member or partner comes in contact with contaminated saliva there is a risk of contracting periodontal disease.

Hence, it is not unusual to find whole families undergoing periodontal treatment. When one person is diagnosed with the disease, it is recommendable for their family members to have a check-up.

Periodontal health is also associated with family habits. It is quite common to find parents with swollen or bleeding gums due to poor hygiene at home whose children also present the same type of pathologies as they have not been educated about oral hygiene habits.

Equally, parents with good oral hygiene through good habits and an awareness of the need to have a regular dental check-up tend to have children with good periodontal health.

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