What is Mouth Cancer?

Although found in an area that is readily accessible and easy to diagnose, unfortunately mouth cancer tends to be diagnosed in very advanced states. A simple visit to the dentist can prevent the development of the disease.

Mouth cancer can present as a chronic sore, a whitish stain or a lump in the gum.

The continued presence of any anomaly in the gums, tongue or mucous membranes means a visit to a specialist for diagnosis, particularly in at-risk patients – such as smokers or drinkers.

It is essential to have check-ups, not just for the teeth but also for the soft tissue that comprises the mouth. As noted previously, diagnosis of this type of disease is made in very advanced states, which affects the treatment possibilities.

Nowadays, the best treatment is undoubtedly prevention. It has been scientifically that both alcohol and tobacco can cause this type of cancer. Removing these habits from our everyday lives will eliminate a key risk factor.

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