What is the difference between a crown on an implant or on a natural tooth?

Crowns on implants

As its name suggests, crowns on implants are placed on implants previously inserted by a surgeon. Once the implant has embedded properly, the restorative clinician then takes measurements so as to position the crown on top. As noted previously, various tests need to be performed to obtain the best result for what we intend to accomplish.

These prostheses may be screw-retained or cemented. When screw-retained, the specialist can remove them should they break, for example.

Crowns on a natural tooth, however, are placed on the patient’s own tooth. This type of prosthesis is typically used when a tooth has suffered damage or there is widespread caries which has destroyed a significant amount of the dental tissue. Hence, to restore the tooth, a cap is required to protect what remains of the healthy tissue and, additionally, to provide functionality and an aesthetic image.

In either case, there is a wide range of materials which can be used depending on patient needs.

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