How many visits does it take to position a crown?

Ciferencia cirujano maxilofacial y dentista

Not all the processes are the same – each case is, after all, different. However, 3 or 4 visits are usually necessary to position a crown. The first visit is for measurements to be taken and sent to the laboratory.

The second involves the first test – which we call the ‘metal test‘. Here, we focus on the metallic area which will retain the crown.

The third is the aesthetic test when, in addition to checking the crown fits, we verify that the patient is comfortable with their image. If all goes well, the following visit will have the crown being attached.

In some cases, it is possible to achieve a good result after just 2 visits. By contrast, when dealing with areas of significant aesthetic impact, as many as 5 visits may be necessary.

All these tests are required so the final result of the work is successful. The aesthetics or adjustment on the tooth or implant need to be perfect so these crowns remain in position for an extended period.

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