Which is better: composite or porcelain?

Carillas dentales de composite

Composite and porcelain are two good solutions. Composite has the advantage of being made directly on the teeth with virtually no reduction in thickness. Composite veneers can easily be altered but they require more maintenance as they are more porous and tend to stain more.

Porcelain veneers lead to a slight reduction in the thickness of the tooth. Once in position, they cannot be altered, but they need very little maintenance to retain the natural features of the teeth.

Listening to the needs of the patient is essential when opting for one treatment or the other.

Normally, composite is used to restore little defects or specific parts, albeit with the materials we have it is possible to repair full dentures using composite.

Veneers, however, retain their aesthetic qualities, in terms of colour, much longer than composite as drinks such as coffee or tea and tobacco may stain and lessen the luminosity of this latter.

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